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The Junior BJJ Program About Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling art that was created for self-defense. This art teaches the importance of using the technique over power. This means that a smaller person will be able to protect themselves from a larger opponent. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu incorporates the techniques found in Judo, Wrestling, and other self-defense systems, which make it a very effective martial art. ​ Develop and enhance personal coordination Physical fitness, agility, strength, and flexibility Mental toughness through discipline and confidence   These benefits will help your child succeed in everyday life.   Cubs – ages 5 - 8 Pack – ages 9 – 12 Teens – ages 13+ ​


Ages 5 - 8

This program introduces young children to the fundamentals of BJJ. We start by focusing on discipline and concentration by encouraging them to follow instructions. Through structured activity, students begin to learn team-building activities which develop body movements, flexibility, and the foundations of BJJ. This is a wonderful way to educate young children about the beginner phase of this great martial art..


Ages 9-12

This program continues to reinforce the fundamentals of BJJ by taking the student to a more interactive phase of BJJ. Now the student will begin to put into practice the consistent techniques shown by the coach and upper-level students. This fundamental program gives the student the proper foundation of the art. It teaches children the need to become physically and mentally fit. Teamwork and sportsmanship are a focal point in this program.


Ages 13+

At this age, students will be able to train alongside upper-level students. This hands-on approach enables the student to grasp the technique in the moment of training. This is a great way to see the potential each teen possesses. Students at this level are encouraged to compete in tournaments and competitions.

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